Monday, August 11, 2008

INSPIRIT - compilation 7''

7 inch emo should be the new name of this blog..... I'm planing on posting lp's soon really... I'm am eventually. 7''inchers are just easier for me right now any ways on with the post.
INSPIRIT a compilation benefiting victims of sexual violence... 7'' on ancestry/static records from back in 94. this is a great comp the music is exceptional each band dropping down some of there best material for a good cause benefiting and raising awareness of sexual abuse and assault the first of its kind in our scene i could remember. Inspirit booklet insert had more than lyrics, also had writing's from multi people sharing there personal stories and experience being victims of sexual abuse and rape. this made the subject of the record much more real and important. the bands on this 7'' are Amber Inn, Coleman, Elements of Need and the Fisticuffs Bluff.