Sunday, March 23, 2008

prozac memory - chisel tone/mapmaker 7''

prozac memorys second 7'' from 94 one of my personal favorites mapmaker is a classic. prozac were a great emo band out of Columbia, MIssouri they put out two eps a split lp with back of dave and were on a couple comps. sadly they were only around for a few short years 91-95 but put out lots of good music in that time and these two songs are some of there best.


j.d said...

thanks for this! this blogs coming along awesome. i have one as well, but its new and thus kind of shitty:

blend77 said...

hey man! fucking awesome blog!!!

I am super in love with Spirit Assembly.

I see you have me linked up. I will do the same for you. I have been letting the ole blagh sit by the wayside for a bit. too much going one. deadlines, moving, nice weather. But i aimin to make some short posts this weekend before the move really gets under way.


blend77 said...

officially linked. looking forward to more posts!


Anonymous said...

Thanx sooooo much